About me!

Hi, my name is JoAnn Hoffman and I live in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I am a sales rep for APQS longarm quilting machines.
I have been digitizing embroidery designs for over 20 years when I discovered longarm quilting. After purchasing the CompuQuilter system I realized it was just a huge embroidery machine and I couldn't wait to start creating patterns.
The computerized system can be used in three different ways.
1.PANTOGRAPHS........If your main business is edge to edge freehand designs or pantographs, you can easily do 2-3 quilts a day and not get physically tired.
2.CUSTOM........If you combine intricate computer designs with freehand, you can do amazing custom quilts in half the time.
3.FOR DESIGNERS........If you are a designer and your customers keep requesting the same custom feathers, dragonflies, curly feather borders, custom overalls, (that you do), then you can digitize your own personal designs and let computerized longarm sew them out for you.

If you want perfect you can digitize perfect, if you want it to look like it was done freehand, you can digitize that look too.

I teach longarm classes out of my studio and I also give beginner longarm classes before you buy a machine.

I digitize quilting designs for all makes of computerized longarm macines.

My embroidery designs can be seen on www.embroidery.com under Paha Sapa Traders or www.dakota-designs.com